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Publications 2017

T. SARAVANAN, S.JUNKER, M. KICKSTEIN, J. HEGEN S.HEIN, M.-K. LINK, S. WITT, M. LORILLIÈRE, L. HECQUET, W.-D. FESSNER. Donor promiscuity of a thermostable transketolase engineered by directed evolution-Efficient complementation of DXS activity. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2017, 56, 5358–5362.

C. ZHOU, T. SARAVANAN, M. LORILLIERE, D. WEI, F.CHARMANTRAY, L.HECQUET, W.-D.FESSNER, D. YI. Second-generation engineering of a thermostable transketolase (TKGst) for aliphatic aldehyde acceptors with either improved or reversed stereoselectivity. ChemBioChem, 2017, 18, 455 –459.

T. SARAVANAN,A M.-L. REIF,D.YI, M. LORILLIERE, F. CHARMANTRAY, L. HECQUET, W.-D. FESSNER Engineering a Thermostable Transketolase for Arylated Substrates. Green Chem.., 2017, 19, 481 – 489.

M. LORILLIERE, M. DE SOUSA, F. BRUNA, E. HEUSON, T. GEFFLAUT, V. DE BERARDINIS, T. SARAVANAN, D. YI, W.-D. FESSNER, F. CHARMANTRAY, L. HECQUET One-pot, two-step cascade synthesis of naturally rare L-erythro (3S,4S) ketoses by coupling thermostable transaminase and transketolase. Green Chem.., 2017, 19, 425 – 435.

C. AYMARD, C. BONAVENTURA, R. HENKENS, C. MOUSTY, L. HECQUET, F. CHARMANTRAY, L.-J. BLUM, B. DOUMÈCHE. High throughput electrochemical screening assay for free and immobilized oxidases : Electrochemiluminescence and Amperometry. ChemElectroChem, 2017, 4, 957 –966.

M. HALMA, B. DOUMÈCHE, L. HECQUET, V. PRÉVOT, C. MOUSTY, F. CHARMANTRAY. Thiamine biosensor based on oxidative trapping of enzyme-substrate intermediate. Biosens. Bioelectron., 2017, 87, 850-857.

O. PASCU, S. MARRE, B. CACCIUTTOLO, G. ALI, L. HECQUET, M. PUCHEAULT, V. PREVOT*, C. AYMONIER* Instant One-Pot Preparation of Functional Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) via a Continuous Hydrothermal Approach ChemNanoMat, 2017, 3, 614-619.

V. DE BERARDINIS, C. GUERARD-HELAINE, E. DARII, K. BASTARD, V. HELAINE, M. STAM, A. MARIAGE, J-L. PETIT, N. POUPARD, I. SANCHEZ-MORENO, T. GEFFLAUT, M. SALANOUBAT*, M. LEMAIRE* Expanding the reaction space of aldolases using hydroxypyruvate as nucleophile substrate. Green Chemistry, 2017, 19, 519-526.

C. GUERARD-HELAINE, E. HEUSON, M. NDIAYE, L. GOURBEYRE, M. LEMAIRE, V. HELAINE, F. CHARMANTRAY, J.-L. PETIT, M. SALANOUBAT, V. DE BERARDINIS, T. GEFFLAUT* Stereoselective synthesis of gamma-hydroxy-alpha-amino acids through aldolase-transaminase recycling cascades. Chemical Communications, 2017, 53, 5465-5468.

C. GUERARD-HELAINE, M. DE SOUSA LOPES MOREIRA, N. TOUISNI, L. HECQUET, M. LEMAIRE, V. HELAINE* Transketolase-aldolase symbiosis for the stereoselective preparation of aldoses and ketoses of biological interest. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2017, 359, 2061-2065.

R. ROLDAN, I. SANCHEZ-MORENO, T. SCHEIDT, V. HELAINE, M. LEMAIRE, T. PARELLA, P. CLAPES*, W.-D. FESSNER*, C. GUERARD-HELAINE* Breaking the dogma of aldolase specificity : simple aliphatic ketones and aldehydes are nucleophiles for fructose-6-phosphate aldolase. Chemistry-A European Journal, 2017, 23, 5005-5009.

L. CARLES, M. JOLY, F. BONNEMOY, M. LEREMBOURE, I. BATISSON*, P. BESSE-HOGGAN* Identification of sulfonylurea biodegradation pathways enabled by a novel nicosulfuron-transforming strain Pseudomonas fluorescens SG-1 : toxicity assessment and effect of formulation. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2017, 324, 184-193.

A. DUCONSEILLE, M. TRAIKIA, M. LAGREE, C. JOUSSE, G. PAGES, P. GATELLIER, T. ASTRUC, V. SANTE-LHOUTELLIER* The impact of processing and aging on the oxidative potential, molecular structure and dissolution of gelatin. Food Hydrocolloids, 2017, 66, 246-258.

D. COURAULT*, I. ALBERT, S. PERELLE, A. FRAISSE, P. RENAULT, A. SALEMKOUR, P. AMATO Assessment and risk modeling of airborne enteric viruses emitted from wastewater reused for irrigation. Science of the Total Environment, 2017, 592, 512-526.

E. DUMAS, M. GIRAUDO, E. GOUJON, M. HALMA, E. KNHILI, M. STAUFFERT, I. BATISSON, P. BESSE-HOGGAN*, J. BOHATIER, P. BOUCHARD, H. CELLE-JEANTON, M. COSTA GOMES, F. DELBAC, C. FORANO, P. GOUPIL, N. GUIX, P. HUSSON, G. LEDOIGT, C. MALLET, C. MOUSTY, V. PREVOT, C. RICHARD, S. SARRAUTE Fate and ecotoxicological impact of new generation herbicides from the triketone family : An overview to assess the environmental risks. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2017, 325, 136-156.

L. CARLES*, F. ROSSI, M. JOLY, P. BESSE-HOGGAN, I. BATISSON, J. ARTIGAS Biotransformation of herbicides by aquatic microbial communities associated to submerged leaves. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 2017, 24, 3664-3674.

P. AMATO*, M. JOLY, L. BESAURY, A. OUDART, N. TAIB, A. MONÉ, L. DEGUILLAUME, A.-M. DELORT, D. DEBROAS Active microorganisms thrive among extremely diverse communities in cloud water. PLoS ONE, 2017, August 8, 1-22.

N. WIRGOT, V. VINATIER, L. DEGUILLAUME, M. SANCELME, A.-M. DELORT* H2O2 modulates the energetic metabolism of the cloud microbiome. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 2017, 17, 14841-14851.

B. EYHERAGUIBEL*, M. TRAIKIA, S. FONTANELLA, M. SANCELME, S. BONHOMME, D. FROMAGEOT, J. LEMAIRE, G. LAURANSON, J. LACOSTE, A.-M. DELORT* Characterization of oxidized oligomers from polyethylene films by mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy before and after biodegradation by a Rhodococcus rhodochrous strain. Chemosphere, 2017, 184, 366-374.

T. ŠANTL-TEMKIV*, P. AMATO, U. GOSEWINKEL, R. THYRHAUG, A. CHARTON, B. CHICOT, K. FINSTER, G. BRATBAK, J. LÖNDAHL A high-flow-rate impinger for the study of concentration, metabolic viability, and ice nucleation activity of airborne bacteria. Environmental Science and Technology, 2017, 51, 11224-11234.

G. POUZET, E. PEGHAIRE, M. AGUÈS, J.-L. BARAY, F. CONEN, P. AMATO* Atmospheric processing and variability of biological ice nucleating particles in precipitation at Opme, France. Atmosphere, 2017, 8, 229.

L. F. LEPRE, J. SZALA-BILNIK, L. PISON, M. TRAIKIA, A. A. H. PADUA, R. A. ANDO, M. F. COSTA GOMES* Can the tricyanomethanide anion improve CO2 absorption by acetate-based ionic liquids ? Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017, 19, 12431-12440.

J.-M. ANDANSON*, N. PAPAICONOMOU, P. CABLE, M. TRAÏKIA, I. BILLARD, P. HUSSON The role of association of ions in ionic liquid/molecular solvent mixtures on metal extraction. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017, 19, 28834-28840.

C. GIBARD, K. FAUCHE, R. GUILLOT, L. JOUFFRET, M. TRAIKIA, A. GAUTIER, F. CISNETTI* Access to silver-NHC complexes from soluble silver species in aqueous or ethanolic ammonia. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2017, 840, 70-74.

P. B. SANCHEZ, M. TRAIKIA, A. DEQUIDT, J. GARCIA, A.A.H. PADUA* Molecular understanding of pyridinium ionic liquids as absorbents with water as refrigerant for use in heat pumps. AIChE J., 2017, 63, 3523–3531.